Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the what

Yesterday we took Maisy and Button to the Big fix mobile. I was worried Button would be pregnant and we would be too late. While I was waiting in line to pick them up the lady in front of me asked about her cat and they said she was but they took care of it. So I asked about Button. The nice lady looked and the paperwork and said nope. When I got home I was reading the paperwork which said about how old Button was, what kind of cat she was, and she was a male cat. What the what? Our girl cat is a freaking boy? According to the vet who fixed her she is. Good thing we didn't go with the name Princess like we thought about. Oh how dumb that lady must think I am.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


RSL rules!!!! Nick Rimaldo (along with the rest of the team) did awesome two weeks in a row when it came down to the penalty kicks. After the first win two weeks ago Nic, my Nic found this shirt and thought it was awesome. The whole team did a great job this season and we had a blast watching them from our 2nd row seats (well not ours but some body seats) and also at home. Way to go REAL!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I took these

I took these.

I guess technically I took some of these. Nic has been taking Alice's family pictures for years now (I love repeat customers) anyway her little girl is pretty shy and she was not loving Nic. I don't know why though because every other kids in the world does, he is a pretty lovable guy. Alicia said she would smile and look at the camera if I took the pictures so these fabulous pictures were taken by yours truly. Technically. Nic still did the settings on the camera, told them where and how to pose, told me where to stand, positioned the sun just right, and processed them on the computer when we were done BUT I did the actual clicking. Yeah me!

(didn't take this one)

or this one but...
I did take this one. Look at that smile. Did I mention I took this picture??

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sky Diving

Nic took some pictures of his friend Mitch jumping out of a plane a couple of weeks ago. They were trying to beat a storm as you can tell with the white sky.

He is pretty far up there still.

Yeah he made it down safely.

Nic called after Mitch jumped and asked if he could go up on the next jump. Is he nuts???